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Camp Fires are Part of Senyati
At Senyati each campsite has its own bbq or braai area where you can braai while listening to the sounds of the wild.
Rating: 5.00
Senyati Ablution Block
Senyati is unique as far as camping is concerned. Each campsite has its own ablution block. Only at Senyati!
Senyati Campsite During Rainy Season
Senyati Campsite Next to the Elephant Highway
Senyati Safari Camp Waterhole
Senyati has many visitors during the day...on this picture the warthogs and elephants are having a bush party!
Senyati's Bar -- The Bar With The Best View In The World
Senyati's Deck look out on Senyati's famous waterhole. And after 5pm it changes to THE BAR WITH THE BEST VIEW IN THE WORLD! Only at Senyati!
Senyati's Deck
Senyati offers free Wifi from our deck to all Guests!
Senyati means Place of Buffalo
Senyati means Place of the Buffalo. Senyati is often visited by buffalo, and such visit often transforms Senyati into a spectacular show where elephants and buffalos dance together...we call it the Senyati Stage.
Senyati -- Place of the Buffalo
Senyati's Campsites each have their own cooking and washing-up area.
Senyati's Baboons...we all have a secret admiration for them.
Senyati is famous for its babies. When elephants are small they don't know how to use their trunk. It is a skill they learn, but they all come to drink with their mothers, and they try and try..sometimes they just give up, bend down and drink from Senyati's waterhole.
A real Senyati baby!
Elephants at Senyati Safari Camp
People come to Senyati to look at the elephants, but the Senyati's Elephants want to look at your car too!!
Senyati offers the best swimming pool for elephants in the world,
Senyati's babies are not only cute; they are clever too!
Senyati's chalets all face to the front, if you are not right in front of the waterhole, at least you will be right next door to the Senyati Elephant route!
Some elephants are dangerous but Senyati's elephants are just cute! VERY CUTE! They love to have like you can only have at Senyati!
Senyati's elephants photographed from the tree at the Senyati waterhole.
A regular visitor to Senyati's bar on the deck..coming for a sip of Louw Barnard's Elephant Lager, but we never ask them money...they can drink for free!
Senyati's family chalets have four beds. Two downstairs in the chalet and then two upstairs. These family chalets are perfect for parents with kids. When couples visit Senyati, we recommend that they stay in Senyati's double family chalets...these chalets are self-catering, with two double bedrooms with each its en-suite batrhoom/toilet/shower.
View From Senyati Chalet
All Senyati's chalets are designed in such way that everyone can see the maximum amount of animals passing through Senyati.
Senyati Marker From Nata-Kazangula Road
Look out for this Senyati Sign. Senyati is located just off the Nata-Kazangula Road. When you come from Nata, look for this Senyati sign on your right. When you come from Kazangula, look for this Senyati Sign on your left...if you do not have a 4x4, look on our Senyati Website under Directions for an alternative route to Senyati.
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