Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp


Senyati offers 19 campsites and 8 Self-Catering Chalets.  Our campsites can accommodate from as few as two people at a stand to as many as 20 people at some stands.

Because Senyati is not located on the river but at a man-made waterhole which we feed with freshly pumped water daily, we do not have a huge mosquito problem and Senyati is proud to say that none of our employees or guests have ever contracted Malaria.  While we think it is not necessary for our guests to take malaria prevention tablets we encourage all guests to take preventive measures against mosquitos to prevent discomfort such as using mosquito repellent and wearing long-sleeve shirts.  Sleeping inside a mosquito net from February to June is recommended.  Such mosquito nets can be purchased cheaply from local shops.