Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp


Senyati offers 19 campsites.  Our campsites can accommodate from as few as two people at a stand to as many as 20 people at some stands.

Because Senyati is not located on the river but at a man-made waterhole which we feed with freshly pumped water daily, we do not have a huge mosquito problem and Senyati is proud to say that none of our employees or guests have ever contracted Malaria.  While we think it is not necessary for our guests to take malaria prevention tablets we encourage all guests to take preventive measures against mosquitos to prevent discomfort such as using mosquito repellent and wearing long-sleeve shirts.  Sleeping inside a mosquito net from February to June is recommended.  Such mosquito nets can be purchased cheaply from local shops.

Each and every of our campsites have its own well-lit ablution block, braai area, toilet, hot-water shower and 220V electric point.  Our campsites are charged per person per night.  Children under 12 pay half price and kids from 12 up count as adults.

The hot-water donkeys at Senyati’s campsites are fired twice a day by our staff, at 8.00 am and at 5 pm to provide our guests with the best hot showers every morning and evening.  Water at Senyati is high in Calcium and guests are encouraged to report blocked shower heads for replacement.  Guests at Senyati are welcome to light the hot-water donkeys for extra hot-water during the day by themselves.  Our excellent camping facilities at Senyati and well-located chalets together with Senyati’s well-lit waterhole with an abundance of birds and animals are some of the reasons why Senyati was rated as the Lonely Planet’s top choice in the Kasane/Chobe area.

At Senyati we practice full recycling and provide separate dustbins for plastics and unburnable at all campsites and chalets.  Senyati promotes eco-tourism to the highest level and we plant extra trees on a monthly basis to replenish our tree population for not only shade for our guests but also to provide for our extensive bird population.

Senyati’s diligent staff clean our dustbins daily and Senyati does not have a problem with stray animals in our campsites.  Though animals wander free around Senyati, wild animals do not wander into our Senyati’s campsites and for the odd opportunistic elephant or baboon Senyati has employed security guards to keep them away from our campsites.   Though the sound of the hyena might “sing” you to sleep at night while camping at Senyati, we do not have hyena wandering into our campsites at night.  Senyati discourages people from feeding any animals except our birds which form part of the pride of Senyati.

Some of Senyati’s bird watchers have identified as many as 60 different species during one visit to Senyati.

Guests can walk around our premises at night with the help of a lamp or torch and should they wish to ask our security guards to accompany them to and from their campsites, they are welcome to ask for assistance.

All guests camping at Senyati have free access to our satellite Wi-fi and to the Senyati Elephant Bunker, or hide, as some prefer to refer to the facility.  The elephant hide is located in front of our famous look-out deck which many people have described as the bar with the best view in the world.    All guests are welcome to sit out on the deck throughout the night as our waterhole is lit throughout the night.  Guests are welcome to spend all night watching the animals coming and going, should they wish to do so.

Senyati organizes Chobe river boat cruises, Victoria Falls transfers, tiger fishing excursions and safari drives for all guests upon request.

Activities at the Victoria Falls can be booked from Senyati in advance in order to prevent disappointment.  We also assist both campers and self-catering guests with airport and shopping transfers.

Senyati welcomes any recommendations from guests on how to improve our facilities.