Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp

Chobe Boat Cruises

Sunset Chobe Boat Cruise

This is an amazing way to experience the best of Botswana.

You can get up close to the game that is abundant in the Chobe National Park. They tend to make their way to the river and to Sedudu Island, to enjoy the grass.  Puku and Lechwe antelopes are common on the Chobe floodplains.

There are 100’s of elephants in the Chobe and they frequently cross the Chobe River. You will most likely see Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffalo, Giraffe and other game. Lucky visitors might even spot a Leopard or Lion! This is in addition to the over 460 bird species in the park.

All Chobe boat cruises depart from Kasane.

Elephant Crossing The River


Other Animals

Sunrise on the Chobe