Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp

Climate & Weather

There are two distinct seasons in Chobe National Park, and both offer a very different but equally spell-binding experience.

The rainy season starts around November until the end of March,  with average temperatures of 35°C to 40°C in the day and a comfortable 25°C or so at night. The rain usually falls in the late afternoon and evening, so most of the day remains dry and the humidity is not too oppressive despite the heat.

The dry season runs roughly from April through until October and average daytime temperatures are a much more manageable 27°C or so, though they start to rise fairly quickly in October before the onset of the rains. At night in the dry season it can get quite chilly.

The rainy season is the best season to experience Chobe’s spectacular birdlife in all its glory, and the lush, green vegetation is stunning. The dry season is the best time of year to see huge herds of Chobe’s famous elephants in the Chobe River, as well as equally vast herds of buffalo and the park’s many predators, all of which are drawn to the river’s banks