Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp

How to Get There

There is 2 ways to get to the park (Sedudu Gate) from Senyati.

  1. At the top of our 4×4 road, at the Big Senyati Sign (A33), you will see a dirt road straight across from you. That is the Forest Reserve Road, you can follow that all the way to the other tared road by the Airport. You cannot get lost if you just remain going straight. At that road turn Left towards the Park. Sedudu Gate will be on your Right before the Boom gates where you need to sign in if you go to Nata.
  2. You can stick to the Tared road, drive via Kazungula on to Kasane, but instead of turning right into Kasane, you will continue straight. It is a couple of Km and you will pass the turnoff to the Airport. The gate will again be on your right side.

To get to the Park from Kasane.

  1. If you are in Kasane by the SPAR for e.g. then you need to turn towards Chobe Safari Lodge or FNB/Choppies. There at the last road you get before entering Safari Lodge you will Turn Left, follow the road all the way to the next T-Junction and turn Right. Continue straight, you will find Sedudu Gate on your Right Side.
  2. If you are in Kasane around Shoprite and Puma Fuel Station, turn Left and at the T-Junction turn Right, Follow the road all the way past the Airport and then Sedudu Gate will be on your Right.

Road conditions in Chobe National Park depend greatly on the season and rainfall; one needs a 4×4 vehicle to travel in the Park. Thick sand becomes a problem in the Chobe River Front during the dry months, particularly as the temperature rises and during the wet season the roads near the river become muddy