Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp

Pricing & Times


If you want to do a self-drive you are more than welcome, the park entrance fee per person is P120 (children 8-12 years P60) and P50 per vehicle. Your permit is only valid for the day of purchase. However, if you buy the permit in the morning you can use it that afternoon for a boat cruise, if it is on the same day. If you can not show the permit the afternoon (you lost it somehow) then you will need to pay again.

If you overnight in the park your permit will expire at 11 am on your last day.

Game Drive/Boat

When you enter the park on a Game Drive or a boat then the park fees are Discounted. You will then Pay P70 per person.

Gate Times

April – September: 06:00 Until 18:00

October – March:   05:30 Until 19:00