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Or what we like to call it… “Senyati & Botswana for Dummies”

We tried our best to think of anything you might need to know, we think we got it all….


  • Normal Rate, this goes from the 21 March until 03 January each year.
  • Special Rate, which runs in our low season, which is the best time for Birdwatchers and Pensioners. It is 50% of our Normal Rate. This runs each year from 04 January until the 20 March.

Please fill in a Contact Us Form, and we will send you a email with our rates

Victoria Falls

We have another for dummies… This is the “Vic Falls for Dummies” there is also info on the Vic Falls in our Q&A above.

Terms & Conditions

Just like everyone else (we need to fit in too..) we also have some terms and conditions.

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