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  1. admin Post author

    E-mail received from Francoise and Jean Luc
    “Dear Lulu and Senyati team

    It has now been several weeks since we returned from our SAFARI with all our children and grandchildren (we were 25!)
    It’s a great place to relax and unwind.
    Senyati was one of the highlights of our African adventure, and we thank everyone who made our stay comfortable and easy.
    It was great for the children to see the hyenas, a most exciting moment.
    Below are photos with the campfire and elephants in the background
    We very much hope to return to Senyati.
    Best Regards

    Francoise and Jean Luc Souflet”

  2. admin Post author

    “Chère Lulu and l’équipe de Senyati

    Cela fait maintenant plusieurs semaines que nous sommes rentrés de notre SAFARI avec tous nos enfants et petits enfants ( nous étions 25 !)
    Senyati a été un moment des plus marquants de notre aventure Africaine , et nous remercions tous ceux qui ont rendu notre séjour confortable et facile.
    C’était formidable pour les enfants de voir les hyènes , un événement très excitant !
    Ci dessous une photo avec le feu de camp et les éléphants en arrière plan
    Nous espérons beaucoup revenir à Senyati

    Francoise et Jean Luc Souflet”

  3. Matthias

    We had a great time for two days and everything was very nice. The tour to the Victoria Falls was very well organized and the elephants at the waterhole were amazing. I can recommend the camp.
    Ciao matthias

  4. Marleen Coetzer

    Ongelooflike belewenis! Ons het ‘n kort kuiertjie gehad by Senyati in Desember 2014, maar dit was elke sekond die moeite werd. Julle het ‘n pragtige plek, puik diens gelewer en het sommer tuis gevoel. Ons sal verseker weer kom inloer.

  5. Frans marais

    My vrou en ek het by Senyati gebly einde April, begin Mei 2014.
    Wat ‘n belewenis om op jou stoep te sit met olifante wat 4 meter van jou af verbyloop.
    Laatmiddag om die tientalle olifante en later in die aand, die buffels te beleef.
    One het elke oomblik van die week daar geniet.
    Ons “bungalow” is elke dag skoongemaak, en was dit nou lekker!
    Alles is vir ons gereel, van die Victoria valle tot die bootrit.
    Ek kan Senyati vir enigiemand aanbeveel.

  6. Christi Nortjé

    Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike belewenis! Julle geriewe is uitstekend, ons het vreeslik lekker gebly. Sien julle verseker weer in die toekoms!

  7. Elizabeth

    We returned from a stunning time at Senyati. Every night we were entertained by elephants and last night we had the most magnificent lion roars from the bush directly next to our campsite. The campsite we stayed in was luxury camping at its best. We had our own toilet and hot water shower which is the first for us during this trip. We paid so much money at Ihaha but we had to walk far to the bathroom ablution block which was substandard. The children enjoyed the free Wifi at Senyati and we spent many hours on the deck playing chess on a lovely chess set made from wood with the animals of the bush. We will definitely be back at Senyati next year and this time we will book much earlier in order to guarantee space during high season.

  8. Carrie

    Senyati has changed, yes, and all for the better. One can see there has been a woman’s hand in there. Firstly, for me the best change is that the roudy, brandy brigade 4x4ers have been ousted..and good for Senyati. Prices have gone up and all for the better. They provide WIFI internet for free to all guests, but it also has solved the booking problem. Louw could not handle the bookings with his green and blue book anymore as Senyati’s poplularity has exploded. They now have a booking system in place to prevent double bookings from happening and the cheap, roudy, campers who want to camp without paying has been ousted. If you intend to go to Senyati…I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.. I have been so many times and every time I go, I just think it gets better. FIRSTLY NO OVERLAND TRUCKS with noisy people, lions roaring at night, elephant right at your feet…what more do you want…The chalets are extremely comfortatble…and the owners are wonderful. Senyati is a place for people who love animals and who love is not a place where people can go and drink, get drunk and be noisy. AND THAT IS FANTASTIC…Senyati has also been included in the latest Lonely Planet and it the TOP CHOICE and anyone who has ever lived overseas and used Lonely Planet will know that this is not easy to achieve. I will recommend Senyati to anyone. I have been going there from the beginning and last week was my latest visit. All in all I have spent more than 15 holidays there and I cannot see why I have to stop. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they recycle everything on the premises and there are more than one rubbish bin on each campsite. This was fantastic news. The little road around Senyati is also fantastic…I have seen lions there on more than one occasion I will recommend Senyati to anyone who goes to Kasane. It is more expensive than the other campsites in Kasane, but worth every penny and it keeps out the bad campers.

  9. Sarie

    Thank you Senyati, I had the most amazing time at your place. I did not expect any elephant during March, but your place was a wonderful surprise…every night I had a small Serengeti in front of me, elephant, buffalo, baboons, monkeys, zebra, giraffe, and the one night even Eland! What a surprise…and the stars did not let me down either. I have stayed at so many places before I found your place in Lonely Planet and they were so right to make you their top choice! I will recommend your place to anyone. There is no better place in the whole Chobe than your place, and believe me, I have been to so many places in and around Kasane. NOBODY SHOULD MISS SENYATI..if you miss Senyati, you can just as well give Kasane a miss.

  10. Siggy

    Super Stunning Sexy Senyati. I am in love with Africa and I am even more in love with Senyati. I could not believe my luck when I found this place in Lonely Planet. I went there during February when I could not see any animals in the Chobe as there was too much grass. Senyati also had green grass with elephants, monkeys, baboons, zebra, giraffe, adn warthogs running around…paradise is one word but heaven maybe is more exact. I thought the hills fo Switzerland was green, but Senyati was greener. The owners were so kind and helpful and even though this campsite is not the cheapets in the world I can say it was worth every penny. I was reluctant to come to Africa during this month as every one told me I will see nothing, but I saw so many elepant that I can hardly explain. I will for sure be back to Senyati as soon as I have enough money together again.

  11. Anton

    I came back from a most amazing time at Senyati. I never thought this kind of place exists and I really regret that I have spent so many holidays at Chobe Safari Lodge right on the river, with NO ANIMALS and loads of mosquitos. Senyati was the closest to paradise I have ever experienced, loads of elephant, loads of giraffe, buffalo and of course a bird paradise. It is one of the best bargains of my life. The bar is by no doubt the bar with the best view I have ever seen. The owners are wonderfully helpful and kind. Service was excellent and internet was for free. I have never had such a good time. Next time I will try to spend a longer period there and take some work along as I did not know that they had internet. Full moon was stunning…a red ball climbing up and up and up, and then …GO AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF…and make sure you have enough memory card space on your camera!

  12. Anton

    It rumbles in that Jungle…that is all I can say. I visited during January 2014 and expected no animals as I went to Chobe and did not see much due to the high, green grass. Senyati proved me wrong. Firstly I was welcomed by a very friendly, warm lady and her husband. They even gave us internet for free. Internet, in Botswana is very expensive. In an internet cafe in Kasane we paid P1 for 2 minutes. That is very very expensive. I could sit with my computer, writing my friends, skyping and just catching up, while watching the most amazing animal scene changing right in front of my eyes all the time. We saw at least 30 ellies every night, but I believe in dry season there is as much as 400 every night coming and going. The campsite was very clean and comfie. We had our own shower, toilet and a fantastic braai where we could sit and watch the stars. The stars were stunning. Louw and Lou deserves nothing but praise for this little paradise they have built up. For what I paid, it was an absolute bargain. I’ve been to Xxxxx Xxxxxx just around the corner from them, the elephant in the name is the only elephant you will get there and I paid P4000 per day, meals included. I can get nice meals in Pretoria too but not such elephants. The bird life at Senyati was stunning too and I have the seen the biggeste fish eagle I have ever seen this past January. Thumbs up to Senyati….I wish such nice people everything of the best. If you are fed up with beging cheated by the National Parks in Botswana with bad facilities, Senyati is the place…only 10km from the Sedudu gate of the national park. So what we did, we went into the park many times, using Senyati as our base. They also organised most unforgettable boat cruise. THANKS FOR YOUR WARMTH AND KINDNESS.

  13. marina arends

    Thanks for welcoming us on your beatifull little place on the planet!
    The atmosfeer so friendly and relaxing, the facilities private and better i have ever seen on a camping.
    The vieuw perfect.
    I was happy to celebrate my birthday here! Thanks for the delicious ‘oryx’

  14. arudi papanna rajashankar

    i am planning to visit Botswana… but i am from India.. can u help me with visa & other things to reach botswana and cost for visa etc.,, i am interest to visit botswana i am photography specialy wild life. plz. sent me a quation…
    A P Rajashankar

  15. Buna

    Thanks for a wonderful experience. I have a friend that says do everything at least once in life and twice if it’s nice. I will be back next year with the rest of the family to share the experience.
    Lulu thanks for the hospitality.
    Groete vir Louw.
    Ons en Johan hulle kan nie uigepraat raak oor ons besoek aan julle nie.

  16. Pete & Judith from the Netherlands

    We were planning to stay only one night at Senyati camp but after this night we decided to stay for another night at this amazing place! We really enjoyed the big waterhole where we didnt only see many elephants but lots of other animals. We even saw a hyena! We managed to get here by a 2×4 and camped with our own tent. Every campspot has its own ablution block and a braai area which was perfect! The owner was so nice to give us some free coffee because we didnt had anything with us to prepare it ourselfes! We definitely recommend this place and if ever we come back to botswana we will stay here for sure!

  17. Sabine

    Such a wonderful place, pure nature and so many elephants and other animals at the waterhole.
    Initially we wanted to stay for 2 nights on our way to Caprivi, but at least we stayed 5 nights and enjoyed 3 nights in the comfortable chalet where the elephants directly passed by on their way to the waterhole.
    We sat on the terrace and enjoyed the stunning scene and the sounds of Africa!
    Also each campsite is very clean and has its own ablution with shower and toilet and a sink.
    Firewood is provided and the stuff is helpful and friendly.
    A great place and we will keep Senyati in greatful memory.

  18. Andre

    I was so happy that I found this place. I found Senyati many years ago and have been coming back more times than what I can count. The people here are very helpful and very friendly. The management looks so nice after me whenever I visit.

    The huge open deck which overlooks the waterhole is never a disappointment. I have seen at this bar, last year, a python that caught a hornbil bird and then could not swallow it.

    As I am sitting here, there is a hiena in the water…we think he is sick…but tonight will not be a the elephants will not like him there…

    Nature is cruel, but nature is interesting…

    And Senyati only improves all the time…this time we found that they have FREE WIFI…much faster than any WiFi in town.


  19. Plip



    Most elephants I will ever see together…heard of buffalo of 300, heard of sable of at least 40, herd of roan antelope of 30, warthogs, hiena in the waterhole…and much more…THAT IS WHAT I SAW…

    Senyati was the best choice of my holiday. Someone recommended Senyati and I am happy that I followed.

    The campsites are excellent. Each campsite has its own ablution block with a toilet and shower with hot water. The campsites are huge. The sounds of the nights were wonderful.

    The staff were wondeful. Campsites were clean and the management were so helpful. All I can say is that Senyati is a bargain.

    Nobody should visit Kasane without spending at least two nights at Senyati.

  20. Nissa Vosloo

    Lieflike plek, wonderlike atmosfeer, gawe mense. En moenie die olifante vergeet nie. Stuur groete vir Brakkies! // And for the non-Afrikaans speakers: Lovely place, wonderful atmosphere and great people. Not forgetting the elephants! Sending my love to Brakkies…

  21. Mark and Joy

    It’s a adventures ride to get here but more then worth it !!! Elephants in all sizes ! This beats Etosha Park, campsite is great and clean . If you think of a holiday and want some real nature this is a spot that has to be in your list !!!!

  22. Petra

    Senyati is a wonderful place. i cannot get enough of elephants, and at Senyati you can just sit and watch them for hours and hours and study their social behaviours and different characters. Once we were there even sable antelopes came for drinking. it was stunning. I love it and will always come back to Senyati! Dear Lou, warmest greetings from Austria/Europe

  23. Stefan and Katrin

    We didn’t plan to come here but now we feel really lucky that we stumbled upon this elephant boasting location.
    Enjoy a drink on the terrace while watching the largest living terrestrial animals satisfying their thirst by the waterhole.

    Come and see for yourself!

  24. Amelie und Steven

    Once upon a time two adventurous Germans found their way to the great continent of Africa. They wanted to see true African wonders. As they went through Botswana they wanted to miss no magical experience and so the twist of fade send them to the incredible camp of Lulu and Louw. The Germans had heard about the legends of Senyati Safari Camp but could not imagine what was waiting for them.
    What they found was a place like African wonderland. Observating hundreds of buffaloes, elephants defending their waterhole and even some lions, while having a cool sip of beer or Amarula at the bar, made them feel like being part of Africa’s breathtaking nature.
    There is no other camp that made the adventurers stay for two nights – no one but Senyati Safari Camp.

    And if the plane had not brought them home they still would sit at the bar watching animals today…

  25. Julia and Asa Sarver

    We just can’t seem to get enough of Senyanti Camp! We’re traveling through Southern Africa for 13 weeks and planned to stay at Senyanti for just one night in July 2013 on our way to Zambia from Maun, and we ended up staying for 3 nights. Lulu and Louw, the owners, were so helpful in our trip planning and the waterhole just can’t be beat. On two nights we saw 300+ buffalo come to the waterhole along with several families of elephants, Now, we’re back at Senyanti a month later (after traveling in Zambia and Zim) and are staying 3 nights again. So far we’ve seen hundreds of elephants, two serval cats, warthogs, giraffe, and even lions at the waterhole. The bar at the waterhole is the place to be – the people staying here are true nature enthusiasts and everyone is respectful of the ‘waterhole rules.’ I think we would try to move in here if the owners would let us.

    Thank you Louw and Lulu! Senyanti is our favorite camp from our whole trip.

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