Chobe's Senyati Safari Camp

Never a Dull Moment

Warning: This Post includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing.

Every morning in Africa an Impala wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest Lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must out run the slowest Impala or it will starve to death.

So it does not matter if you are a Lion or an Impala, when the sun comes up you had better BE RUNNING!

African Proverb

Here at Senyati there is never really a dull moment. There is always something happening, somewhere.

On Sunday 01 May 2021, some Lions were having “Sunday Lunch” just a stones throw from Senyati. They caught a Eland, and was still enjoying it, when we joined them. The one Lioness kept chasing the Vultures away from her meal. They did eventually grow tired of the constant vulture chase and just let them have it.

There was hundreds off Vultures circling, in our opinion that is part of the reason why they just gave it to them. 

On Tuesday 04 May 2021, six (6) lions killed another Eland in the early morning hours. Our security guards informed us of the kill around 07:30. By the time we got there, the lions were gone but the scavengers only joined the party. 

All this excitement happened in our 4×4 road. Not next to it, right in the middle.